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Letter to Alumni

Dear Sahyadrian,

Greetings from the hill top! We, Team Ninad, have been entrusted with the task of publishing this year's school magazine. We had some things on our mind for some time now, and we finally decided to go ahead and act on our ideas.

An interview with the alumni seemed like an interesting idea in order to find differences, similarities and thoughts about life at Sahyadri between the present batches and alumni.

We request you to dedicate some time from your busy schedule to recall old school memories and answer our questions.


Name :

Year of graduation from Sahyadri :

Last visit to school (Year) :

1. What were some of the major infrastructure and maintenance issues, and cultural problems during the time you were at Sahyadri.

2. How would you characterize the teacher-student relationship in school during your time? Please elaborate.

3. Were there any biases and attitudinal differences in the way teachers treated students on the basis of gender, age, behaviour, and so on. If yes, please describe.

4. Do you think that some of the school norms in your time were unnecessary? Specify and explain why.

5. After being in a school where a competition free environment was encouraged, did you happen to face any problems in the outside world? If yes, describe your problems and what you did about it.

6. How did your views about Sahyadri change after you graduated?

Thank you for your time. We really appreciate your taking the trouble to consider these questions, and keenly look forward to your responses!

Please send your reponses to with the subject heading "For Ninad 2017".

Sincerely, Team Ninad - 2016-17

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