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Online Admission Form :: 2023-24

sahyadri school
krishnamurti foundation india

Tiwai Hill, Rajgurunagar, Pune - 410513
Tel : 02135-228008, 228009, 228004

(a) Students's Information:
* Name: * Form No:
* Date of Birth: * Previous school Name:   UDISE No :
* Birth Place: * Date of Application:
* Applied for Class: * Gender:
* Mother Tongue: * Applied Earlier:
* Nationality : * NRI : [Non Resident Indian]  
* Passport Details : * Visa/ Resident permit details (where applicable):
[ Foreign Citizens should have a Student Visa/ PIO Card/ OCI Card. Please submit photocopies of the relevant pages ]
* Aadhar Number (UUID): * Profile Photo: [Max upload size 300KB]

(b) Parent's Information:
* Father's Name: * Mother's Name:
* Education (F): * Education (M):
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Other Details:
* Fee Paid: [ Admission form fee Rs. 500/-]    If paid, payment referance: [Tracking Id, Bank referance no.]
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Permanent Address:
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Details of schools previously attended : [Name of the school, Place, Classes attended, Date of Joining, Date of Leaving]

(c) A brief description of the child:
(i) Temperament and personality:
(ii) Aptitude and interests:
(iii) Academic profile :

(d) Health / Food habits:
Note that if your child gets admission, this information will help us to support your child in a better manner. Please give complete and accurate information.
i) Is the child a

ii) Please rate your child’s eating habits. (Please consider items like vegetables, leafy greens which are essential part of Sahyadri School menu)

iii) Is there a history of childhood illnesses including physiological, psychological/mental:

If yes, please give details:
(e) Are there any special learning difficulties/ Interpersonal problematic behaviour your child has had recently or in the past? If yes, please give details.
(f) Please state any physical weaknesses /allergies your child has had recently or in the past. Also mention whether your child has a bed-wetting problem.
(g) Have you applied earlier for the child’s admission to this school or any other KFI school? If yes, please give details.
(h) Please give details of any association with KFI or any of the KFI schools.
(i) Names of siblings / relatives who are studying in, or have passed out of, a KFI school. (Please indicate the relationship)
(j) How did you come to know about Sahyadri School? State your reasons for choosing this school. Please give details.
(k) Students coming to Sahyadri School for the first time face many new demands – having to look after themselves and their belongings, managing their daily routine as well as studies, living cooperatively in a group, foregoing television, computer-based entertainment, electronic gadgets; eating simple vegetarian food etc. List some of the ways in which your child has been prepared for living in such a residential school environment.
(l) Given the non-competitive structure of Sahyadri School (no formal exams until class 9, no ranking, no comparison of students) how do you see your child meeting the challenges of today's highly competition-driven world, including the need to meet the high cut-offs for admission into college?
(m) Who is financially responsible for the student?

* Annual family income – Before tax: * Annual income of Father / First guardian: * Annual income of Mother / Second guardian:

(n) If the guardian of the child is someone other than the father or mother state the reasons and background.
(o) If the parents are separated or divorced, please indicate clearly the legal status of the child in terms of custody and access to parents and the arrangements between the parents regarding the visitation rights or any other rights in conformity with the orders of the legal authority and school rules. In such cases (those in which one of the parents has visitation rights or any other rights and the other parent has custody) both the parents should sign the application form. (This application is liable to be rejected and the admission is liable to be cancelled at any stage in case of any misstatement.) Please submit a copy of the supporting documents.
(p) If the parents are separated or divorced, please indicate the person responsible for payment of fees.
(q) Is the child adopted? Please give necessary details like age of the child when adopted etc.

If adopted, does the child know it?

Note :
a) Submission of application form is not a guarantee of admission.
b) Please ensure that the admission form is duly filled in and signed.
c) Please send a copy of the latest school report and marksheet with this admission form.
d) The evaluation of admission forms done by our experienced panelists is an integral part of the admission process. The independence to do so is a crucial aspect aligned with the philosophy of Sahyadri School. We do not appreciate or entertain any form of external influence to seek admission. Prospective Parents may kindly note that such pressure from external sources would be counter-productive to the child’s chances of getting admission into our school. We request that prospective parents desist from adopting this approach. Thank you for respecting our values.